1. Certificate of recognition for his phenomenal and worthy Plenary talk on “Two applications of variable neighborhood search in data mining” at the 4th International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining held in Paris on September 7-8, 2017.
  2. 3000 citations on Google Scholar for the article “Variable Neighborhood Search” by N. Mladenović and P. Hansen published in Computers & Operations Research in 1997.
  3. Most highly cited paper published in Linear Algebra and Its Applications, “Two Laplacians for the distance matrix of a graph”. Published in 2013, it is one of the most highly cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016 in Linear Algebra and Its Applications.
  4. 2013 Pierre Laurin Prize at HEC Montréal.
  5. Certificate of excellence (second place in Modularity Maximization Category), 10th DIMACS Implementation Challenge – Graph Partitioning and Graph Clustering, Atlanta, USA, February 2012.
  6. International Symposium, TOGO2010, Toulouse Global Optimization 2010.
  7. Pierre Laurin Prize at École des hautes études commerciales, November 2010 (ex aequo with Gilbert Laporte).
  8. Director of the International Workshop Second Matheuristics 2008, Bertinoro, Italy, June 2008 (with Stefan Voss).
  9. Organizer of Optimization Days 2007, Montréal, May 2007 (with Olivier Bahn, Gilles Caporossi and Sihem Taboubi).
  10. Director of the CRM Workshop, Montréal on Data Mining and Mathematical Programming, October 2006 (with Panos Pardalos).
  11. Fellow of the AIRO (Assiociazione Italiana de Ricerca Operativa), September 2006.
  12. Director of the International Workshop Matheuristics 2006, Bertinoro, Italy, August 2006 (with Vittorio Maniezzo and Stefan Voss).
  13. Article “Variable Neighborhood Search: Principles and Applications”, EJOR, 2001 (with Nenad Mladénović) selected for reprinting in a special number for the 30e anniversary of EJOR (30 articles chosen among 6000 approximately).
  14. Two special sessions at the XVIII EURO Mini Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search, in honnor of my 65th birthday, Ténérife, November 2005.
  15. Director of the International Conference “Multilevel Optimization Algorithms and Applications”, Crête, May 13-15, 2005 (with Panos M. Parados, G. Migdalas, O. Prokoviev).
  16. Article “Variable Neighborhood Search: Principles and Applications”, EJOR, 2001 (with Nenad Mladénović) classified among”Highly cited paper” by Thomson Inc., (1% of the articles most quoted in its field by “Web of knowledge”).
  17. Elected member of the International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry, 2005.
  18. Director of the International Workshop Computer and Discovery, DIMACS-GERAD, Montréal, June 2004 (with Patrick Fowler).
  1. Editor, Journal of Classification, 06/2008–… (and 1994-2000)
  2. Associate Editor of Computer Science and Information Systems, 2005–…
  3. Editor, International Game Theory Review, 1998–…
  4. Advisory Editor, Journal of Heuristics, 1995–…
  5. Editor of YUJOR, Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research, 1991–…
  6. Editor of Annals of Operations Research, 1984–…
  7. Editor of Discrete Applied Mathematics, 1979–…
  8. Associate Editor of RAIRO – Recherche Opérationnelle, 1991–2017 (Editor 1986–1990).
  9. Associate Editor of The Open Operational Research Journal, 2008–2014.
  10. Associate Editor of Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics, 2007–2013
  11. Editor, International Journal of Metaheuristics, 2009–2012
  12. Associate Editor of TOP, 2007–2012
  13. Editor, Optimization Letters, 2006–2012
  14. Editor of Journal of Global Optimization, 1990–2012
  15. Associate Editor of EJOR, European Journal of Operational Research, 1999–2010
  16. Editor of MATCH, Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry, 2004-2008